A Shrewdness of Apes, A Quiver of Cobras, A Blessing of Narwhals

                             A Muster of Storks

While searching for information for a writing project the other day, I came upon a site that lists the group names for different animals. I took such delight in reading them, I thought I’d share a few of those I found most intriguing:

A gam of albatrosses, a shrewdness of apes, a dissimulation of small birds, a flutter of butterflies, a quiver of cobras, a gulp of cormorants, a consortium of crabs, a waddling of ducks, an aerie of eagles, a cast of falcons, a charm of finches, a skulk of foxes, a troubling of goldfish, an array of hedgehogs, a bloom of jellyfish, a harvest of mice, a blessing of narwhals, a passel of opossums, a romp of otters, a parliament of owls, a maelstrom of salamanders, a fling of sandpipers, a surfeit of skunks, an audience of squid, a hoover of trout, a generation of vipers, a wealth of walruses, a descent of woodpeckers, a cabinet of wrens

from: https://www.theanimalfacts.com/glossary/animal-group-names/

Preparing To Be Free

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, Washington, DC
photo © Michael N. McGregor

STUDY that which you would like to see in this world—peace, truth, faithfulness, community, economic fairness, good government—and it will have a better chance of coming to be.

On this day of hope, let us all prepare our minds and hearts to work for a better world when we are free again.

Happy Easter to all!

What It Means to Make Art

A man in Germany (Jörg Kowalski) who reads my bimonthly Robert Lax Newsletter (you can sign up at robertlax.com) sent me a note and a book recently. The note told of his trip to Patmos to follow in Lax’s footsteps, and the book contained his poetry, some influenced by Lax’s work.

The back of the poetry book had only the words pictured here on it. I can’t think of a better (or more succinct) definition of being an artist; of why one makes art.

For those who don’t know German, here’s a translation:

now I see
what you don’t see
and that is me