It’s Wonderful!: Don’t Miss the Chance to Live Stream the New Philip Glass Circus Opera

I just watched the live stream of the premiere of new Philip Glass circus opera based on Robert Lax’s poems. Wow! It is a wonderful show! If you haven’t bought tickets for one of the performances, you should do so now. It runs through June 13, with all of the shows live streamed for just $12. You’ll never be able to see this show again for that price. If you love Lax, Glass, the circus, opera, theater, spectacle, life, order your ticket now:

My Robert Lax Bio for the Malmö Opera Website: A Tie-In to the New Philip Glass-Robert Lax Opera

I was asked to write a short bio of Robert Lax by the Malmö Opera and Circus Cirkör, Swedish co-producers of the new Philip Glass opera, “Circus Days and Nights,” based on Lax’s poems. It’s up on their websites now, just days before the opera premieres in a live-stream event on May 29.

You can read the bio here.

And you’ll find more info about the opera, including a link for buying tickets to the shows (which run May 29-Jun 13) here. Tickets are only 100 SK (about $12 US).

For a glimpse of the show, watch this one-minute trailer, which was just released:


Buy Your Ticket Now to a Live Streaming of the Philip Glass Opera “Circus Days and Nights,” Based on Robert Lax’s Poems!

Robert Lax fans: You can now buy tickets (approx. $12 US) to watch a live streaming of the new Philip Glass opera “Circus Days and Nights,” which premieres in Sweden on May 29 and has a nine-day run at the Malmo Opera House after that. To order your ticket, click here.